About Us


We provide superior legal services at a competitive rate. We are dedicated to cost containment and offer our client regular small group conferences to advise claims personnel of changes and trends in the law. We have been active in promoting legislative changes and participate in the related rule-making function. We publish training materials in various workers' compensation and OSHA matters, most of which are accredited by the Oregon Workers' Compensation Department.

We perform medical research in the databases available through the National Medical Library in the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, using computers and our own extensive library. There are over 20 such medical databases we can access, including MedLine, MedConsult, ToxLine, ChemLine, CancerLit, AidsLine, etc. We regularly utilize Westlaw and all other available State websites for comprehensive, quick and efficient research of legal issues.


Our attorneys have been defending employers and insurers in workers' compensation defense for the last two decades. In addition, our paralegals are highly skilled and have substantial workers' compensation experience. The professional emphasis of all the attorneys in this firm is workers' compensation defense, but we regularly handle OSHA, labor law, employer liability, and subrogation matters. Members of our firm are licensed in Oregon and Washington, as well as the Federal District Court of Oregon and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. We are an AV-rated law firm.


All of our attorneys perform continuing education functions for our clients and the industry. These activities include lectures, training seminars, and publications directed at professionals who handle workers' compensation claims. We publish a fax newsletter (CompFax) to immediately inform our clients and the industry of news or decision that affect their business. Our lectures, seminars, and publications are provided without charge. Further, we regularly appear at and are available for file and claim reviews, prior to and during all phases of litigation.


We represent numerous insurance companies as well as a number of large self-insured employers (in both the manufacturing and service industries) throughout the State of Oregon. We have demonstrated an ability to meet the special needs of individual employers as requested by their Personnel or Human Resources Departments.


Our philosophy concerning Claim Disposition Agreements and Disputed Claim Settlements is one of prudent use. Both are appropriate vehicles to dispose of claims in certain instances. For example, Claim Disposition Agreement’s can be beneficial in cases involving large or catastrophic reserves (e.g., permanent total disability cases) especially when reasonable avenues of defense have been exhausted. Likewise, Disputed Claim Settlements are useful when they effectively eliminate claims exposure and, again, when all other avenues of claims defense have been explored. Neither vehicle should be used as a substitute for effective claims management or adequate defense preparation. We recommend and prepare Termination Agreements in congruence to above documents and strive to obtain global settlements when appropriate.


This is an area in which we excel. In addition to the attorneys in this firm, we a have paralegals and ample support staff. This enables us to typically prepare a written file analysis within ten days of initial receipt. We believe in telephone communication and aggressive, effective, and economical representation. It is a standing rule that telephone calls are returned within 24 hours, regardless of our trial schedule. Since we do not regularly appear in protracted civil litigation, we are able to respond to phone calls and correspondence quickly. Further, we have a receptionist and a voice mail phone system and take advantage of the communication technology afforded by cellular telephones and e-mail. Promptness is a high priority, second only to quality legal work.


All attorneys in this firm travel to out-of-town hearings, without exception. We cover every location in which hearings are held in the States of Oregon, appearing in Portland, Salem, Roseburg, Eugene, Medford, Bend, Pendleton, Coos Bay, Ontario, Klamath Falls, Baker City and other locations. We are also licensed in the State of Washington.